The objectives of The Toledo Clinic Cancer Center are to provide and facilitate modern treatment programs and ensure that patients in the Greater Toledo area have access to the same opportunities and care as anyone in the Midwest. Improving patient care while removing unnecessary costs has always been a part of our core tenants – Quality, Access and Value.

There are many regional independent organizations that provide very good and accessible cancer treatment and navigation of patient needs. Wood County Hospital has the Maurer Family Cancer Center, the University of Toledo has the Dana Cancer Center and Henry and Fulton County Hospitals have medical and radiation oncology coordination clinics for their patients. Our new facility in Maumee is in partnership with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI), one of only four recognized National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) credentialed organizations in Ohio and Michigan.

These organizations have ‘most’ of what the community needs to treat cancer and have all traditionally competed for patients and resources. However, as these entities seek to collaborate, we realize the whole is greater than the sum of parts regarding modern, accessible cancer care, forming the Cancer Care Alliance (CCA). The goal of the CCA is to organize its collective skills and resources to improve oncology treatment, thus granting Greater Toledo a robust and high-value network of harmonized cancer care providers.

The CCA provides the same care-giving qualities as any of the traditional institutional cancer centers with the best physicians, access to clinical research, modern technology, care navigation and multiple access points to standardized treatment.

The Toledo Clinic and KCI are proud of our new facility. It represents all the attributes we hold true – high value, low cost, peak quality and accessibility in Toledo’s backyard. This is shown through the power of these partnerships with other community leaders who are equally dedicated to cancer care. We consider it a blessing to now have a new place to work, along with a network of high-value partners through the CCA.